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iHola! FlapJack Lapbooks are the result of my need for engaging, educational materials in Spanish. As a math and science teacher in a Spanish immersion program, I am constantly translating and creating materials from scratch. One lucky day, while searching for resources on the internet, I came across the creative concept of lapbooking, widely used by the homeschooling community. Although there weren't a lot of templates in Spanish, thanks to the help of my graphic designer husband, I have been able to create templates of my own and implement them in my classroom. That is the story of FlapJack Lapbooks (named for all the "flaps" in the minibooks and file folders).

My students love them, and the learning doesn't stop after a lapbook is created. Students revisit concepts, review skills, and play games to reinforce vocabulary taught in the lapbook. Although my students are fairly fluent in the Spanish language, they still need lots of reinforcement with Spanish vocabulary and grammar, and the Spanish lapbooks provide just that.

I am truly surprised that this tool has not spread very far in the public school system. It seems lapbooking has been a hidden gem in the homeschooling community. Hopefully, through this website and others, lapbooks will find their way to even more students and help increase students' love for learning.  

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